• Helping leaders and organizations transform and be better versions of themselves.

    I provide executive coaching to passionately committed, highly focused leaders in boutique lifestyle hotels and restaurants. I help executives develop habits to accelerate their career and embrace their full potential without sacrificing their relationships, health or themselves. Additionally, I offer consulting on business strategy and provide operational support to unique & distinctive independent hotels and restaurants.

About Marlene

Helping leaders in the hospitality industry develop habits to increase their effectiveness and become more impactful in their organizations.

Marlene has served in senior executive positions in lifestyle hotels and independent restaurant groups. Throughout her career she has cultivated a deep passion for creating memorable guest experiences and developing leaders. By placing an equal emphasis on genuine hospitality and employee culture, Marlene has developed a winning formula to deliver exceptional and consistent results to hotel owners, guests and employees.

In her consulting and coaching practice, Marlene specializes in performance optimization. Either within an organization or in a one-on-one coaching engagement, her methodology is goal oriented and process driven. She helps her clients achieve more than they could on their own. Drawing upon her industry experience, Marlene helps leaders embrace their full potential to effect positive change in their personal and professional life.


“We worked with Marlene on several projects within our portfolio, including repositioning, concepting and strategic operations plans for restaurant and bar outlets within Thompson branded assets in our portfolio.  Marlene brings a unique perspective and skillset to each project, juggling the goals of real estate owners with the complexities of each operating business.  As a result of her efforts, we have seen meaningful improvement in guest experience, improved operating efficiencies, and increased sales and profits.”

Jeff Reinstein, Principal, Geolo Capital


I help plan hospitality ecosystems and leverage systems that aim to produce results and deliver measurable business growth.

Operational Assesment

I’ve dedicated my career to managing and developing people by teaching them leadership skills. The quality and skill level of your leaders directly impact your bottom line, I can assist your operation by evaluating your operational costs and creating a strategy to increase your bottom line while protecting your culture and brand values. Through a thorough analysis of your business, I identify ways to increase profitability and streamline your systems all while enhancing your guests’ experience and collaborating with your team throughout to ensure their buy-in.

1:1 Executive Coaching

I help individuals in the hospitality industry find balance and thrive in all areas of life. Ideas come easily; execution can be difficult. Coaching can help you gain clarity on your goals and dreams. Together, we develop a plan on how to bring them to life.

Team Coaching

I work with boutique hospitality brands to revitalize their succession plan and develop high potential individuals by creating a performance culture, developing managers and increasing the productivity of your team. Your company’s performance will skyrocket when all leaders have the right skills and are aligned with your company business strategy.

Hospitality Culture & Brand Integrity

Your guests equate the quality of their experience with your brand based on how they feel.  Discover the formula that captures the DNA of your brand to create consistent and memorable guest experiences. Done deliberately, your company is indisputable. Left to chance, you are just another hotel or restaurant without a point of view.

Work with me to define your brand, culture and values to create automated systems to support your long-term vision of success and to ensure your employees, guests and investors equally benefit. Identify specific, practical behaviors that are critical to success with a supporting methodology to reinforce them. Your distinct point of view can capture the imagination of your team igniting their potential and empowering them to transform guest experiences. Let’s work together to create a step-by-step plan to accomplish your objectives and differentiate your brand from your competition.

Skill Development Coaching

Once I have helped you identify the key leaders who could use help accelerating their development, we identify competency gaps and develop curriculum and workshops that are in line with your business goals.  Specifically designed to address your business needs and to teach your management team critical thinking skills. A sample of workshops include: how to read a financial statement, budget, staff, manage labor, develop marketing plans, coaching skills, and more. 


Marlene has extensive work with reknown hospitality brands and restaurants in all parts of the country.

“Marlene has made a substantial difference in our business at Two Roads Hospitality.   She has helped us at several of our hotels by identifying talent, building leadership teams and collaborating with various stakeholders to ensure the integrity of our brand and culture remained a priority.  We have seen a significant increase in profitability in every project she has touched.”

Lana Trevisan, Vice President, Restaurants, Bars & Events-Two Roads Hospitality

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