I said this phrase to three different people today. I’m on a content fast right now and it’s killing me. However, this morning I broke it because I was curious about what the internet had to say about leading yourself. And there’s a lot of stuff out there. Some of it is decent. Mostly crap.

Who are these “authorities” on the business of being you?!?

**as I sheepishly look in the mirror**

Personally, I get annoyed by any insinuation of “you should be doing this”. I realize I do this to a certain degree.

I annoy myself.

The concept of leading yourself when it’s first introduced to us. Is quite foreign and ambiguous. I’m guilty of using these phrases because they speak to executives. But here? In my online home? I can say whatever I want.

And I will.

Leading yourself is defined by YOU. It means being at the CAUSE of every part of your life instead of the EFFECT.

Being reactive vs proactive. Living on purpose and with a purpose. By design. And it can change and evolve as you grow, develop yourself and gather more information. This is the part no one tells us.

Unfortunately, as we get older we become risk averse. Fear takes over. Responsibilities consume us. We get comfortable. Complacent. Unsure of what to do with the nagging desires and dreams in the back of our mind. As a result, we go through the motions of life and lose sight of what it means to be the author of our story.

This is something we cover in my group coaching program.

I’m crazy enough to believe if you learn how to lead yourself, be the best version of yourself, deliberately, by choice, and not by default.  If you become an active participant in defining your leadership brand/style, then and only then can you lead others. Once you realize you have a CHOICE in how you communicate, how you show up, and how you react to your circumstances things begin to shift. It all begins with your ability to lead yourself.

Have you ever been on a flight? Before your flight takes off there’s a safety video. What do you remember from the video?

Put your own mask on BEFORE you help others.

Leadership? It’s the same. If you are reading this, you are privileged enough to indulge in thinking this way. How are you honoring this privilege? Are you living your dream life? Are you giddy at the thought of going back to work at the end of a holiday weekend? Are you making a positive impact on others with your existence?

Or do you want to punch me for asking these ridiculous questions?

Good. That means you have a pulse.

When we have more people step into this way of living and being, they end up making an impact in their own lives, the lives of others, in their organizations, and in their communities.

THAT is where meaningful, lasting change happens. That is how we begin to shift our lives, communities and how we co-exist—ever so slightly.

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