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Anytime a friend outside of the hospitality industry asks me if they should invest in a new restaurant or, god forbid, open their own restaurant my response is NOOOOOO!!! Go to Vegas, put your money on black. Your odds of winning are much higher. Most people don’t understand what it takes to be successful in this industry because they underestimate how much of themselves they have to give.

Success largely depends on the intangible components in hospitality–the secret sauce.

Early on in my career, I fell in love with the energy of the industry. That fleeting moment when it all comes together—the food, the service, the ambience—that moment is energizing, deeply satisfying, and intoxicating. The look on a guest’s face when you and your team have truly nailed it. Knowing that you’ve played a very small part in the creation of a memory for a perfect stranger.

That satisfaction is intangible.

As I progressed in my career I got further and further away from those moments. I started working for myself and rediscovered what I love so much about the hospitality industry. It’s always been about making an impact and the people.


I had the perfect blog post prepared yesterday.

Word count check. Perfect amount of SAT words check. Grammatically correct…mostly.

Relevant, current topic. #metoo and WTF are we doing about it?!

Then I had a realization. I run my business based on two questions.

Does it feel right?
Can I make a difference?

It didn’t feel right to post the #metoo article. Not because I’m afraid of standing for something nor because it might be controversial. Strangely, that’s the least of my worries.

It occurred to me I should share the moment I’m experiencing right now. Perhaps it will resonate with someone.


I was reflecting this morning on what perfectionism has cost me.

And the list is staggering.

The funny thing about this elusive idea of perfect is it’s based on rules I’ve set for myself. Anytime someone else has given me a set of rules to play by I have broken them. Time and time again. Not because I’m above them or because I think I’m better. I just don’t care for rules and the “we’ve always done it that way” mentality.


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