• I develop, focus, and align mindsets and behaviors to create the right culture to execute your business strategy to take your brand to the next level through the following approach:


Phase I: Discovery

We provide a full assessment of your company from the inside out by identifying areas to increase profit through the alignment of culture, brand messaging and business strategy.  We review your operational systems, brand pillars and core values to ensure your infrastructure supports your business model. Data is collected from internal and external sources to compare your internal belief system and behaviors to the guest experience.  Aligning the messaging around your organizational culture, brand values, and business strategy is essential to the success of your business.  

Phase II: Design

Together, we co-create an action plan to strengthen, re-engineer and improve organizational leadership through a culture of collaboration. We partner with your team to create a strategy that is unique to your business needs and drives financial results. Our people first approach is at the heart of everything we do.. Your team impacts all areas of your business– your brand,  your guest experience, and how you separate yourselves from your competition.  We partner with your team to get you measurable results while teaching your team empowering leadership skills that allow them to bring your business to the next level. 

Phase III: Deploy

The implementation strategy is customized based on your business goals and the sustainability of Phase II. We focus on developing your team’s hard and soft skills to produce intentional behavioral and cultural change within your organization. Clearly defining brand, culture and business goals allows us to tap into your team’s potential and unlock the greatness within your organization. The combination of coaching and consulting, prioritization of brand integrity and company culture, along with a people-centered focus, leads to sustainable, increased profits.

After the consulting period participants apply and sustain their learning via practical tools that are provided during the engagement.


Hospitality Philosophy


Start with purpose. Everything we do is informed by why. What is your organization’s why? A clearly defined purpose increases your teams emotional connection to your company. Being in business on purpose and with a purpose is what separates good companies from great companies.


Identify your organizations non-negotiables.  We all have a set of personal values that guide the decisions we make.  The same applies to business. If a company doesn’t explicitly share it’s values with its team, the status quo and mediocrity become a standard of operating.


Your brand is the soul of your company. It helps guide the experience your employees provide your guests. Branding is more than the visual attributes or concrete components of your company.  While logos, fonts, and digital assets are important, it’s your team that brings your brand to life. The experience your company provides is a memory your guests will cherish and associate your brand with.


Company culture is the secret ingredient that separates you from your competition. Treating your team the way you ask them to treat your guests is your only competitive advantage in business. Don’t leave this to chance.


How you do what you do, otherwise known as standard operating procedures. Clearly defined expectations that are measurable, actionable and automated. The playbook each department within your organization operates by.

My Hospitality Consulting Building Blocks

  • Beliefs
  • Brand Pillars
  • Core Value Alignment
  • Operations Systems

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