Marlene's Musings

06 JunFemale Leaders, Listen Up!

This is for the women who deal with the fear that causes them to doubt themselves, are caught between standing up…

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30 MayBeing at the Cause Instead of at the Effect of Life.

I said this phrase to three different people today. I’m on a content fast right now and it’s killing me. However,…

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17 MayHospitality Industry Visionaries

I’ve been fortunate to work for the best in class in the hospitality industry. True visionaries. Last week I met Ian…

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04 MayThe Secret to Success in Hospitality

Anytime a friend outside of the hospitality industry asks me if they should invest in a new restaurant or, god forbid,…

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01 MayMeditation & Your Brain

If you have been following the meditation trend or have a strong meditation practice, I didn’t share anything in my previous…

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